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Lady Regina
I know that many say that I I’m a coward because I am comfortable living in the closet as a part time female and not expressing my special female side completely. My friends all tell me to go out and have fun and not worry about what people say or think. In spite of that, and because of the prudish... Read full Story
Blind Date
XtinaSmith2017 Anthony awoke to a piercing buzzing tune, a nice enough melody, but one he had come to despise shortly after he had made the mistake of making it his alarm. The culprit, his smart phone, was plugged in on the nightstand beside him and was in the process of making him gleefully aw... Read full Story
My first TG lover
I first met Holli at the gymnasium of our apartment complex. Since it was around 6:00 am on a Sunday morning, I didn’t expect to see anyone that early. At first just like we all do, the customary good morning, small talk, and it usually stops there, but there was just something that drew my attentio... Read full Story
im a cd slut
i started dressing about four years ago and i love it. it turns me on to see the guys watching me. to know that they are thinking about fucking me. i loved it. so i called a friend that i knew was gay and we couldnt wait to get together. it was on. i was invited to his house for drinks and a dip i... Read full Story
Southern Hospitality Ch. 04
XtinaSmith2017 Ash awoke feeling cold, he pursed his lips a little and shivered, curling up a little tighter, nude as he was, the action brought little relief from the cool air. He let out a soft murr of discomfort as his mind shook off the cobwebs of lingering dreams, he could see light throug... Read full Story
Southern Hospitality Ch. 03
XtinaSmith2017 Ash looked himself over in his bedroom mirror critically, finding himself oddly self-conscious about his looks. He had been texting Laura all throughout the day and they had agreed that dressing pretty casual would draw the least suspicion, so he had. He wore a simple patterned ... Read full Story
Southern Hospitality Ch. 02
XtinaSmith2017 Laura felt herself lifted lazily from the arms of sleep, her body relaxed and floating on a small cloud of pleasure, her mind filled with images, sensations, not pulled from whatever dream she had just been having but instead, memories, memories from the night before. Memories of... Read full Story
Southern Hospitality Ch. 01
XtinaSmith2017 Ash gawped at his mother, incredulous as to what she had just said. He understood the basic premise of what had happened, but the reasoning she must have had absolutely baffled him. "Why?! Why would you do that?!" He pleaded, voice light and desperate. She shrugged, looking acr... Read full Story
The Girl Next Door Ch. 03
derezzed Chapter 3 – The Night Out Michael woke up on Monday morning feeling quite relaxed. The sun filtered in through the blinds towards him. He felt warm from the gentle rays. As Michael became more alert, he examined his surroundings. The feeling of silk sheets wrapped around him and Ale... Read full Story
The Girl Next Door Ch. 02
derezzed Chapter 2 – Taking the Next Step Into Depravity Michael hardly got any sleep that night. When he did his dreams were filled with images of Jenny and her large penis. He tossed and turned in frustration. As he rolled over for what felt like the thousandth time he was blinded by the s... Read full Story